Salt Delivery & Water Softener Service In Westmoreland County

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Salt Delivery from your Culligan Man

Leave the heavy lifting to your Culligan Man®

He will deliver the salt you need when you need it, and with each delivery he’ll perform a 10 point inspection of your softener.

Convenient - No more lugging and lifting heavy bags 

Dependable - Scheduled deliveries so you don’t run out

Trusted - No one knows your equipment like your Culligan Man® 

Confidence - 10 point inspection with every salt delivery 

Water Softener Maintenance and Support

As recognized experts in the water treatment industry, Culligan knows better than anyone how to maintain your water system to help keep it running at peak performance. Culligan's certified technicians offer a range of expert maintenance and performance services for your water softener, water filtration system, and drinking water system. Your Culligan Service Technician can maintain and optimize all Culligan products as well as most major brands. For a truly hassle-free maintenance plan, sign up for a service and maintenance plan from your Culligan Dealer. Ask your Culligan Dealer about all of our maintenance and performance services:

  • Multi-point system inspection
  • Performance tune up
  • Water quality check
  • Inspect water flow and check for salt bridging in the tank
  • Adjust regeneration frequency
  • Set or re-set timers and sensors
  • Refill salt
  • Sanitize system

Trust Your Culligan Man for Exceptional Service and Maintenance

If you're looking for help with your current water treatment system, look no further than the trusted water experts at Culligan.  Whether you need service, repair, or a preventative maintenance and performance checkup, there is no one more qualified than your local  Culligan Man. Our experienced network of Service Technicians are Culligan-trained and certified to provide service, repair, and maintenance on all Culligan and most major brands of water softeners, water purifiers, water filters and drinking water systems. Whether you need one service call or want a hassle-free maintenance plan, your Culligan Man is the one to trust for all of your service and maintenance needs:

  • System service and repair 
  • Regular maintenance
  • Performance tune-up
  • Installation
  • Replacement parts
  • Salt delivery

Water Softener Service and Repair

Who better to trust with the service and repair of your water treatment system than the trusted water experts at Culligan? As a certified water expert, your Culligan Service Technician is ready to repair any brand of water softener, water filter system and drinking water system. From a regular tune up to a major repair, you can trust your Culligan Man to be there when you need them. Ask your Culligan Man about all of our repair services:

  • System tune up
  • Water quality check
  • Set or re-set timers and sensors
  • Check for salt bridging in the tank
  • Culligan Service Agreements

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