Why You Need to Buy from a Company with Rentals

Whether you actually are interested in renting equipment or not doesn’t matter…

The fact that a company actively rents equipment is important to you even if you just want to purchase.

Here’s why…

There are several different “types” of water treatment companies out there. These differing types occur in nearly every market throughout North America and our market is no different. Often, one of the most significant differences between the water-treatment businesses that are passed down from generation to generation and those that are only short-lived is their ability to rent equipment . When I say “rent”, I simply mean that you pay monthly for your water treatment. The benefit is you never have to pay for a service call. The disadvantage is you never stop paying the rent. However, whether you think renting is a good idea for you or not isn’t important. What’s important is why certain business models can afford to rent equipment and why others can’t… More importantly why a business being able to rent is important to you.

Here’s why you want a business that gives you the option to rent:

  1. We have been around – Few other businesses have the breadth and history of the Culligan Man. How long have they been around???????
  2. We plan to be around – Very simply put, we pay for all of the equipment, labor, overheard etc. out of pocket up front. With a monthly rental, it takes years (literally) before we ever start making a profit. So for our business to make any money, we need to be here for you.
  3. We offer top-notch service – With a rental, you never pay for service. So if we provide you with rental equipment that is not top-notch, we’ll NEVER turn a profit because all of our profits will be eaten up paying technicians to fix your equipment.
  4. We keep our costs reasonable so you get a fair price – Since it takes us years to turn a profit on a rental, we have to keep our costs, and therefore your prices, reasonable. Younger businesses can’t afford to do this and so they’re forced to charge you excessively. Generally Culligan is neither the cheapest or most expensive in any market – and since we’re the only company with the Worlds most efficient water softener, you’re guaranteed to get the best value.
Now that you know the benefits of a business that offers rentals, make sure to contact us today for an in-home water test.